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WelTract is the first comprehensive urinary tract support supplement containing Lactoferrin, Hibiscus, D-Mannose and Cranberry along with Vitamins C and D. Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are usually caused by pathogenic Escherichia coli (E. coli) a bacterium commonly found in the intestine. UTIs lead to pain during urination and an overall discomfort caused by the frequent feeling or need to urinate. UTIs affect nearly 13-million women annually in the United States alone. For women, the lifetime risk of having a UTI is greater than 50 percent, with 50 percent suffering a relapse within 6 months.

Interesting Statistics:

  • UTIs affect nearly 13-million women annually in the U.S.
  • 50% of women will experience at least one UTI during their lifetime.
  • 50% recurrence within six months.
  • 85% of all UTIs are caused by Escherichia coli (E. coli)
  • WelTract contains potent natural ingredients to support urinary tract health.
  • The ingredients in WelTract are supported by clinical studies.

How does WelTract Support you Urinary Tract?

WelTract has been formulated by a team of medical doctors and research scientists to provide optimal conditions to support a normal healthy urinary tract. The specific ingredients contained in WelTract have been selected and dosed based on their performance in clinical studies.


WelTract is the first comprehensive urinary tract support supplement to contain Lactoferrin, the natural iron binding protein isolated from dairy milk and credited with providing much of the immune system support to newborn babies. WelTract is 100% free of lactose and dairy cholesterol.


Hibiscus is a genus of flowering plants in the mallow family Malvaceae. The plant is native to warm temperature, subtropical and tropical regions of the world. Hibiscus tea has a tart, cranberry-like flavor, and sugar is often added to sweeten the beverage. A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study was performed using hibiscus on women with a history of recurrent urinary tract infections. As a result of this study, WelTract contains hibiscus extract (Hibiscus sabdariffa) which has been shown to support urinary tract health.


D-Manose is a naturally occurring carbohydrate that is closely related to glucose. Your body does not metabolize D-Mannose like glucose so it does not cause a spike in your blood sugar level when consumed. WelTract contains D-Mannose. Extensive research has been performed on this carbohydrate and how it interacts with E. Coli bacteria and how it supports a healthy urinary tract. A clinical study using D-Mannose has been shown to be effective in supporting a healthy urinary tract in women who had a history of recurrent UTIs.


The whole cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) extract used in WelTract has been shown in clinical studies to provide optimal conditions to support a healthy urinary tract. The cranberry extract used in WelTract is a 100% all natural, proprietary whole fruit extract unlike other products. Why is this important to know? Competitors claim the most effective cranberry extracts are standardized with high levels of proanthocyanidins (PACs). Research suggests that high levels of PACs do not provide enhanced urinary tract support. Manufacturing of artificially PAC rich cranberry extract requires extensive processing which removes the synergistic, natural cranberry components.

Vitamins C and D

Vitamins C and D contained in WelTract have long been shown to support a healthy urinary tract in clinical studies among countless overall health benefits.



New Type of Homeopathic HCG Drops Now Available at Body Solution Systems!

The new weight loss product utilizing human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) is now available at Body Solution Systems.

This product use the very purest grade of HCG available. Plus, since this product is in the form of drops, it is very easy to use, and no injections are required. In fact, studies have shown that our homeopathic HCG is just as effective as the injections and are just as potent.

HCG SELECT is also different from most other HCG products in that it contains cell salts. These cell salts act to prevent any muscle cramping, which is sometimes a side effect while on the low-calorie diet. The  cell salts act as a mild laxative to prevent constipation, and it also promotes assimilation of fat deposits to further amplify the results you get from using our drops compared with others.

What is HCG and how does it work?

HCG is a hormone naturally produced in the body. It has many functions and is used medically to treat a variety of conditions.
It is the natural pregnancy hormone, but during pregnancy the levels double every two days.
This hormone allows the body to mobilize fat and use it as energy for both mother and fetus.
This acts as a ‘fail-safe’ mechanism when energy is needed immediately.

For weight loss, only a very small amount of HCG is used to capitalize on this same mechanism.
Using HCG in this way does not mimic pregnancy. In fact, it can be safely used by both men and women.

Individuals taking HCG lose up to 1 to 2 pounds each day, if they are following protocol. The use of HCG triggers the release of abnormal fat deposits and makes the fat available for consumption by the body as energy.

Best of all, the Body Solution System’s HCG  weight loss product is affordably priced, and comes with a complementary InBody Body Composition Analysis along with a FREE Medically Supervised Nutritional Consultation with a Body Solution Systems Specialist (20 minutes)! HCG SELECT is available in a 2-ounce bottle (enough for 30 days) at $75 per bottle, and includes the above incentives.

There’s never been an easier, happier, and healthier way to loose weight! Visit our office today, or call in to purchase your bottle of HCG SELECT and set up your FREE appointment for your complementary InBody Body Composition Analysis and 20 minute Medically Supervised Nutritional Consultation.

New Promotion!


For a limited time only, Body Solution Systems is offering a complementary InBody Body Composition analysis with a one-year purchase of our Vitamin B-12 Injection Therapy!

Vitamin B12 is one of the most important vitamins that help with brain function, nervous system maintenance, and even metabolism / weight loss. As you probably heard when growing up, you need to get your vitamins and minerals in order to be healthy. Vitamin B12 is one of many important vitamins and minerals that your body needs to remain healthy, but it has been difficult to get this in large quantities until now. Luckily, there are now B12 shots that can supplement all the vitamin B12 that you are unable to eat in your daily routine.

Benefits of Vitamin B12 Shots
There are many benefits of B12 shots, but by far the most useful is the weight loss ability. B12 shots for weight loss can actually help overweight or obese women lose pounds faster than any other program available. If you really want to lose weight fast, then visit or call Body Solution Systems and get started today.

When B12 Shots are Useful
There are so many reasons to use b-12 shots that most weight watchers don’t recognize. First of all, there are a ton of time benefits that you can’t get with anything else. These days it is hard to fit exercise and healthy eating into your daily routine. In order to burn a few hundred calories it takes hours of running and sweating. This just isn’t worth it for many people who do not have the time to perform these types of exercises and just want to spend time with their kids and lose weight fast. Additionally, b-12 shots are perfectly useful in the absence of a solid diet rich in vitamins and minerals. If you are unable to take the time to prepare some good food then you can just use B12 injections in order to fix this problem.

B12 Shots are All Natural
The greatest thing about B12 shots is that you are purchasing an all natural product for your body. Instead of taking a bunch of chemical compounds that will inevitably harm your body, instead try something natural. The benefits of B12 shots are far more than simply the weight loss advantages. As you may remember, brain function is connected with the vitamin B12 so it is in your best interest to make sure that you are taking enough. Even without the weight loss necessity, B12 shots are fantastic.

Visit our office or call to schedule your Full Year supply of Vitamin B-12 injections at Body Solution Systems for just $350 (a $700 value) Today and receive your complementary InBody Body Composition Analysis! This program will give you the energy and guidance to lose weight naturally! A Happier, Healthier way to lose weight!

Mahi Mahi

Recipe 1

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Mahi-mahi, also known as dolphin fish, has a firm texture and a mildly sweet taste. Mahi-mahi is a great source of protein, niacin and vitamin B-12. In just one 6oz mahi-mahi fillet, there is 12 grams of niacin, 1.22 micrograms of B-12, 145 calories (only 11 of these calories are from fat), 1.19 grams of fat (only 0.3 grams are saturated fat), 0 carbohydrates, and 31.47 grams of protein. The firm texture makes grilling a perfect option for cooking mahi-mahi on a grill.

If you seek a low-fat, mildly sweet tasting fish to make a healthy addition to your Body Solution Systems program, try mahi-mahi, also known as dolphin fish. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services lists mahi-mahi as low in mercury, which makes it a healthier alternative to similar-tasting but mercury-laden fish, such as swordfish. Adding mahi-mahi to your diet also boosts your nutrient intake, because it is a great source of minerals, vitamins and protein needed for OPTIMAL health.

Fat and Protein

A 6 ounce serving of a boneless mahi-mahi fillet contains 145 calories, with the majority of the calories coming from protein. Just 6 ounces of this fish offers 31.47 grams of protein, which is more than 50 percent of the daily protein intake requirements for the average 150-pound person. This protein provides all the amino acids you need to make enzymes essential for cellular metabolism, produce hemoglobin required for oxygen transport and support healthy muscle tissue. A 6 ounce fillet of mahi-mahi also contains just 1.19 grams of fat, making it a very lean source of protein.

Vitamins B-12 and B-6

Add mahi-mahi to your Body Solution System program to boost your vitamin intake, particularly vitamins B-12 and B-6. Both nutrients help your cells function properly by supporting cellular metabolism. Vitamin B-6 plays an integral role in brain function by helping you make neurotransmitters, a family of chemicals that control your mood, internal body clock and other neurological processes. Vitamin B-12 helps you . A 6-ounce serving of mahi-mahi contains 1.3 milligrams of vitamin B-5 and 0.7 milligram of vitamin B-6. That’s roughly one-quarter of your daily B-5 intake requirements, as well as 54 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin B-6.

Potassium and Selenium

Mahi-mahi boosts your intake of minerals, especially potassium and selenium. A 6-ounce portion contains 62 micrograms of selenium, more than your entire recommended daily intake, along with 707 milligrams of potassium, which is 15 percent of the recommended daily intake. Both selenium and potassium help your body deal with disease. Selenium boosts immune function so that your body can fight infectious illnesses, while potassium lowers blood pressure to combat heart disease. Potassium also supports heart and muscle function, while selenium keeps your thyroid gland functional.

Serving Mahi-Mahi

Mahi-mahi’s naturally sweet taste makes it an ideal pairing for fresh fruit and herb salsas, which add nutritional value to your meal without boosting your fat and sodium intake. Dice cantaloupe and papaya, then combine with seeded jalapeno and chopped cilantro for a tropical fruit salsa, or mix chopped pitted cherries and fresh mint for a flavorful, colorful option. Practice healthful cooking methods when making mahi-mahi — opt to grill or broil it, instead of frying it in oil.


i2 COMPLEX: The Science Behind It All!

i2 Complex Image with text

The key to sustained health and vitality is strongly dependent upon a health immune system. Immuno-enhancement therapy has been in the forefront of medical research and is seen as the answer to many of the health issues facing the world.

Regardless of whatever invading force or dysfunctional processes the body faces, our immune system is constantly being challenged by both our external and internal environments. Our i2 COMPLEX supplement is the result of over 25 years of clinical research involving naturally derived products to enhance human immune performance. After years of repeated observations and positive clinical results, this comprehensive formula designed to maximize the response of the immune system was developed on four important levels:

  1. Recognition: By using Beta1,3-1,6 Glucans, specific receptors were discovered that become sensitive in recognizing an invading substance. These receptors are also capable of isolating unusual cell growth pattern often present with excessive inflammation. By triggering these receptors, the initial macrophage can either destroy or simply mark the offending cells for destruction and assimilation.
  2. Destruction: By using Alpha Glucans, a means of triggering “NK” or Natural Killer Cells was discovered. Once an invading substance has been identified, the matching receptors attract the NK cells where they directly inject cytotoxins into the invading cells. Once the cell dies off, it fragments into smaller particles (apoptosis) which are later attached to other white cell receptors thus spreading small signatures of the invading cells to the rest of the body.
  3. Assimilation: By adding Lactoferin’s, our team was able to incorporate the truest form of i2 COMPLEX. Lactoferin’s utilizes the fragments formed by destroying the offending cells and absorbs them. The host cell eviscerates spreading cytokines or speciality encoded fragments making the signature part of our natural immune expression. Like an internal vaccination, these markers give us permanent protection from the offending source.
  4. Protection: There is a delicate balance between a deficient immune response and an over-active response. A deficient immune response makes us vulnerable to a plethora of conditions and diseases. An over-active immune system can lead to hyper-sensitivity and inflammation. By adding L-Glutithione, we have reduced the oxidative stress often linked to the inflammatory processes associated with active immunity responses.

Physician Formulated! Physician Approved!

Optimal Meal Recipe

Fillet and Pepper Salad


Preparation Time: 15-20 minutes. Cooking Time: 15 minutes

6 oz Fillet

  • Calories 40
  • Calories from fat 13
  • Total Fat 1.5g
  • Total Carbs 0g
  • Protein 6.3g
  • Potassium 83mg
  • Calcium 4.5mg
  • Sodium 13mg

Sauteed Pepper Salad

  • Calories 57.2
  • Total Fat 2g
  • Saturated Fat 0.5g
  • Sodium 32.8mg
  • Potassium 291.1mg
  • Total Carbs 10.0
  • Protein 1.5g

*This meal is low in Sodium. It is also a good source of Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Phosphorus and Zinc, and a very good source of Protein, Niacin and Selenium.

Low intakes of pyridoxine can slow down the immune system. Several different immune components become sluggish and critical prostaglandins levels decrease in the absence of adequate vitamin B6, making a person more susceptible to diseases.

Benefits of Zinc

This health-affirming vitamin occurs naturally in all foods, but it’s abundant in meats, whole grains, and certain other foods. The health benefits of Zinc include proper functioning of the immune and digestive systems, control of diabetes, reduction of stress levels, energy metabolism, and an increased rate of healing from acne and wounds. Also, zinc is helpful in terms of hair care, weight loss, night blindness, colds and many other minor conditions.

Zinc, being an important mineral, plays a vital role in protein synthesis and helps regulate the cell production in the immune system of the human body. In the human body, there are more than 300 different enzymes that require zinc to function normally. As such, it is used up in various metabolic processes and eliminated through normal excretory and urinary channels, so it needs to be replenished often.

Health Benefits of Phosphorous

The health benefits of phosphorous include healthy bone formation, improved digestion, regulated excretion, protein formation, hormonal balance, improved energy extraction, cellular repair, optimized chemical reactions, and proper nutrient utilization. The health benefits of phosphorous make it an important constituent of any diet.

Apart from providing strength to bones and teeth, other health benefits of phosphorus are essential for performing essential activities for different body parts like the brain, kidney, heart and blood. Therefore, it is a very bad choice for your health to exclude phosphorus from the list of nutrients that make it onto your plate.

Benefits of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 has health benefits for young and old alike, and everyone in between. It combats asthma in children and has helped the elderly who find their minds aren’t as sharp as they used to be. Experts have found that when mental symptoms are treated with vitamin B12 within six months of onset, many of the symptoms disappear or mental clarity improves.

Vitamin B12 may also help alleviate depression in the elderly by working with a compound that helps to make serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for a calm feeling of well-being. B12 also plays a role in melatonin production. Melatonin is the hormone responsible for letting you get a good night’s sleep. As we age, the body is less efficient at making this hormone. B12 supplementation has helped some older adults sleep better.

Benefits of Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 has been used to treat more than 100 health conditions. These cover a wide range of physical and psychological disorders, from heart disease to mental depression to kidney stones to memory loss. Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) has been shown to play an important role in preventing heart disease.

Please try out this health recipe… We know you will enjoy it!

A Little News about COMPLETE Proteins!

Wellness image

We are not getting enough complete proteins in our diet today. Since we do not ingest the proper amount protein in our daily meals, then our bodies are forced to live off of our muscle mass. Now, if we can put proper protein back into our diets, then our bodies can run off of the protein that we ingest and we are not required to use our own muscle mass to fuel our metabolism. This is a very simple proposition that the public has been left unaware of. Unfortunately, due to this lack of awareness, there is not much focus on prevention.

Prevention is actually easier than you think! The human body has an amazing way of warding off disease, and it all starts with PROTEIN!

As proteins built back into our muscle mass, it will control insulin directly. It will keep the insulin levels balanced, which will keep the cortisol levels intact BSS Video snapshopt3and control the production of the pro-inflammatory hormones called Cytokines. The type of Protein supplementation is crucial! It must be a COMPLETE Protein! This means that it must have ALL of the essential amino acids to make it complete. In our quest to combat Fat and Disease, Body Solution Systems has developed a COMPLETE soy based Protein that is Bio-identical Protein, without the detrimental cholesterol, Fats, and Carbohydrates!

What is this COMPLETE Protein you ask? It is NATURAL PXR by Body Solution Systems!

Thank you

the staff at Body Solution Systems in Chesterfield, MO


Our Mission is to achieve excellence in preventive care which allows our patients to achieve optimal wellness. Today we are living longer and we want to live stronger, with a quality lifestyle as we continue to age. The Body Solution Systems is safe, drug-free and an extremely effective approach for treating metabolic dysfunction with a common side effect of weight loss!
The Body Solution System includes Natural PXR, a complete protein and nutritional supplementation in conjunction with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), when necessary. Body Solution Systems specializes in Functional/Metabolic Medicine and the foundation of the program is carefully designed to give your body balanced nutrition throughout the day.
Our program helps you preserve essential muscle and bone, which produces a quality and vitality of life that far exceeds the expectation of our parent’s generation. As a result of metabolic balance, patients experience a restored and renewed feeling of vigor and well being. We are committed to helping you achieve your health goals and will work with you personally to accomplish them!

To your Success!
Body Solution Systems Staff

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Body Solution Systems specializes in functional medicine with an emphasis on wellness. Functional medicine addresses a group of risk factors known as “metabolic syndrome” — high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol l, and belly fat — that increases risk of heart disease and diabetes. The Body Solution System includes a daily complete protein meal replacement and nutritional supplementation in conjunction with (BHRT), Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, when necessary.

Today we are living longer, although, not always with a quality lifestyle as we continue to age. The Body Solution System was developed after 25 years of experience and research with the goal to provide people with a solid foundation to rebuild metabolic balance or what “age” has taken away. The Body Solutions program helps you preserve essential muscle and bone, which produces a quality and vitality of life that far exceeds the expectation of our parent’s generation. As a result of metabolic balance, patients experience a restored and renewed feeling of vigor and well being.