i2 COMPLEX: The Science Behind It All!

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    i2 COMPLEX: The Science Behind It All!

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    The key to sustained health and vitality is strongly dependent upon a health immune system. Immuno-enhancement therapy has been in the forefront of medical research and is seen as the answer to many of the health issues facing the world.

    Regardless of whatever invading force or dysfunctional processes the body faces, our immune system is constantly being challenged by both our external and internal environments. Our i2 COMPLEX supplement is the result of over 25 years of clinical research involving naturally derived products to enhance human immune performance. After years of repeated observations and positive clinical results, this comprehensive formula designed to maximize the response of the immune system was developed on four important levels:

    1. Recognition: By using Beta1,3-1,6 Glucans, specific receptors were discovered that become sensitive in recognizing an invading substance. These receptors are also capable of isolating unusual cell growth pattern often present with excessive inflammation. By triggering these receptors, the initial macrophage can either destroy or simply mark the offending cells for destruction and assimilation.
    2. Destruction: By using Alpha Glucans, a means of triggering “NK” or Natural Killer Cells was discovered. Once an invading substance has been identified, the matching receptors attract the NK cells where they directly inject cytotoxins into the invading cells. Once the cell dies off, it fragments into smaller particles (apoptosis) which are later attached to other white cell receptors thus spreading small signatures of the invading cells to the rest of the body.
    3. Assimilation: By adding Lactoferin’s, our team was able to incorporate the truest form of i2 COMPLEX. Lactoferin’s utilizes the fragments formed by destroying the offending cells and absorbs them. The host cell eviscerates spreading cytokines or speciality encoded fragments making the signature part of our natural immune expression. Like an internal vaccination, these markers give us permanent protection from the offending source.
    4. Protection: There is a delicate balance between a deficient immune response and an over-active response. A deficient immune response makes us vulnerable to a plethora of conditions and diseases. An over-active immune system can lead to hyper-sensitivity and inflammation. By adding L-Glutithione, we have reduced the oxidative stress often linked to the inflammatory processes associated with active immunity responses.

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