A Little News about COMPLETE Proteins!

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    A Little News about COMPLETE Proteins!

    Posted by: Jessica Williams Comments (44)

    We are not getting enough complete proteins in our diet today. Since we do not ingest the proper amount protein in our daily meals, then our bodies are forced to live off of our muscle mass. Now, if we can put proper protein back into our diets, then our bodies can run off of the protein that we ingest and we are not required to use our own muscle mass to fuel our metabolism. This is a very simple proposition that the public has been left unaware of. Unfortunately, due to this lack of awareness, there is not much focus on prevention.

    Prevention is actually easier than you think! The human body has an amazing way of warding off disease, and it all starts with PROTEIN!

    As proteins built back into our muscle mass, it will control insulin directly. It will keep the insulin levels balanced, which will keep the cortisol levels intact BSS Video snapshopt3and control the production of the pro-inflammatory hormones called Cytokines. The type of Protein supplementation is crucial! It must be a COMPLETE Protein! This means that it must have ALL of the essential amino acids to make it complete. In our quest to combat Fat and Disease, Body Solution Systems has developed a COMPLETE soy based Protein that is Bio-identical Protein, without the detrimental cholesterol, Fats, and Carbohydrates!

    What is this COMPLETE Protein you ask? It is NATURAL PXR by Body Solution Systems!


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