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Protein is the main building block in our bodies and every cell depends upon it. Natural PXR Protein is metabolized during digestion forming amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Our body utilizes amino acids for energy and production of enzymes.

Why Body Solution Systems

Body Solution Systems is a proven wellness program that has been time tested by thousands of patients over more than 5 years. If your primary goal is to function and feel better as you age, consider a fresh approach and an effective alternative, Body Solutions Systems.

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Dr. Imboden specializes in metabolic medicine with an emphasis on wellness. Metabolic medicine addresses a group of risk factors known as “metabolic syndrome” -- high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol, and belly fat -- that increases risk of heart disease and diabetes.


Marie Olson

Karen Rice Scobbie

At the age of 58, I am looking better than I did at 25. I have lost fat, gained muscle, reduced my cholesterol by 100 points, and I am in the best physical shape of my life. Dr. Imboden is a genius and will literally remake you to be the best version of yourself, as long as you follow his program. Dr. Imboden has also made a huge difference in the lives and health of three of my friends as well as my cousin. I cannot say enough about Dr. Imboden’s capabilities to transform his patients for the better. The staff at Body Solution Systems are extremely supportive and helpful, along with being friendly and very caring. I watched in wonder as the program transformed me just as I was told it would. I continue to purchase the shakes, broth, and several supplements as they all work together to change your health and body. This program has, and continues to work wonders for me. If another friend or family member was curious about the Body Solution Systems program, I would say, “Just do it! It will change your life!”

July 10, 2014

Karen Rice Scobbie