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The Body Solution System was designed by Dr. Russell T. Imboden, DO to create optimal health for patients. In today's society, we are not only living longer, but we want to live stronger, more productive lives into our golden years. We want quality and vitality that far exceeds the expectations of our parent's generation. Our physicians specialize in halting metabolic dysfunctions which wreak havoc on the body, as a result of the aging process. By target treating visceral fat, (aka-belly fat), we can control and often reverse the most common chronic illnesses such as Type II diabetes, hypertension, and hyper-lipidemia. This specific type of fat only responds to therapeutic levels of complete proteins and other nutrients. Our system, along with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (when medically necessary), helps to not only preserve essential muscle and bone, but leads to effective long term weight loss and an overall feeling of vigor and well being.

Our Mission is simple; we want optimal health for our patients. We want to prevent catastrophic health events from occurring by offering excellence in preventative health care.If you are ready to take control of your health, Body Solution Systems offers a unique, comprehensive health care experience.

Metabolic Medicine in its simplest form is the science of returning bodily functions to original, optimal states of balanced health with proper protein supplementation and nutrition along with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, we can turn back the hands of time on internal aging and return the body back to a state of balance and optimal function. 87% of all chronic disease is reversible. The majority of our insulin dependent Type II diabetic patients are off of insulin within 7-14 days of following our program.

PXR was developed by Dr. Imboden to combat protein malnutrition and to reduce/eliminate visceral fat which causes inflammatory diseases.

As featured on "Insights with Hugh Downs" on PBS